Internet Growth And Stats

Discover how the Internet transcended linguistic barriers, creating a mosaic of global voices and connecting diverse communities. Our comprehensive statistics also shed light on the linguistic diversity of Internet users, illustrating the digital platform’s role in fostering a multicultural online community.

Delve into the historical milestones of Internet usage, and understand how this digital phenomenon transitioned from a niche network to a ubiquitous presence in our daily lives.

December, 199516 millions0.4 %IDC
December, 199636 millions0.9 %IDC
December, 199770 millions1.7 %IDC
December, 1998147 millions3.6 %C.I.Almanac
December, 1999248 millions4.1 %Nua Ltd.
March, 2000304 millions5.0 %Nua Ltd.
July, 2000359 millions5.9 %Nua Ltd.
December, 2000361 millions5.8 %Internet World Stats
March, 2001458 millions7.6 %Nua Ltd.
June, 2001479 millions7.9 %Nua Ltd.
August, 2001513 millions8.6 %Nua Ltd.
April, 2002558 millions8.6 %Internet World Stats
July, 2002569 millions9.1 %Internet World Stats
September, 2002587 millions9.4 %Internet World Stats
March, 2003608 millions9.7 %Internet World Stats
September, 2003677 millions10.6 %Internet World Stats
October, 2003682 millions10.7 %Internet World Stats
December, 2003719 millions11.1 %Internet World Stats
February, 2004745 millions11.5 %Internet World Stats
May, 2004757 millions11.7 %Internet World Stats
October, 2004812 millions12.7 %Internet World Stats
December, 2004817 millions12.7 %Internet World Stats
March, 2005888 millions13.9 %Internet World Stats
July, 2005939 millions14.6 %Internet World Stats
September, 2005957 millions14.9 %Internet World Stats
November, 2005972 millions15.2 %Internet World Stats
December, 20051,018 millions15.7 %Internet World Stats
March, 20061,022 millions15.7 %Internet World Stats
June, 20061,043 millions16.0 %Internet World Stats
September, 20061,066 millions16.4 %Internet World Stats
December, 20061,093 millions16.7 %Internet World Stats
March, 20071,129 millions17.2 %Internet World Stats
June, 20071,173 millions17.8 %Internet World Stats
Sept, 20071,245 millions18.9 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20071,319 millions20.0 %Internet World Stats
March, 20081,407 millions21.1 %Internet World Stats
June, 20081,463 millions21.9 %Internet World Stats
December, 20081,574 millions23.5 %Internet World Stats
March, 20091,596 millions23.8 %Internet World Stats
June, 20091,669 millions24.7 %Internet World Stats
Sept, 20091,734 millions25.6 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20091,802 millions26.6 %Internet World Stats
Jun, 20101,966 millions28.7 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20112,267 millions32.7 %Internet World Stats
Jun, 20122,405 millions34.3 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20122,497 millions35.7 %Internet World Stats
Jun, 20132,673 millions37.0 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20132,802 millions39.0 %Internet World Stats
Jun, 20143,035 millions42.3 %Internet World Stats
Dec, 20143,079 millions42.4 %Internet World Stats
Nov, 2015 (est.)3,352 millions46.2 %Internet World Stats
Internet Growth Statistics

Statistics of the Internet

The Internet has made distances shorter and the world smaller.
However, the great divider that stands in the way of a truly global
society is fact that there are many different different languages
spoken in our planet Earth. The following table shows the ten
most numerous languages spoken by the Internet users.

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You can also take a look at the fascinating history of the Internet,
from 1945 to 1995, courtesy of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Vinton G. Cerf wrote in 1995 another fascinating article about the
Internet Phenomenon, that went from near-invisibility to near-ubiquity in
little more than a year (1994 – 1995). Computer Networking.

For detailed information about the Internet, search the Wikipedia .

Most Popular Websites of the Internet

For information on the historical favorite websites
take a look at Alexa’s Top 500 Sites – last save before it was closed. Moz’s list of the most popular 500 websites on the internet – the Moz Top 500 Websites.